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William Rixon is a Jazz trumpeter.

Full name: William James Rixon
Age: 26
Birth town: Berkshire

 How long have you been playing the trumpet? Since I was 9

What do you think about when you play? Sometimes nothing, sometimes conscious musical ideas, going down a big slide… my mind wanders.

What’s your favourite trumpet melody? Impossible to choose just one. Right this second I’m listening to “Symphonic Raps” by Louis Armstrong (Louis Armstrong – Symphonic Raps). He blows me away every time!

Do you play any other instruments?Piano and the bass  but neither to a professional standard. The piano is crucial – I play everyday when I’m practicing, writing, teaching etc. But I’d never ask anyone for money in return for my abilities – it would be robbery.

Where do you play and who with? I play with mostly jazz bands  (a clear majority of which is jazz). The Dixie Ticklers, a New Orleans inspired band is one staple for me, dealing with music not dissimilar to Louis Armstrong. We play all over the place in clubs and at festivals and other music venues. I lead a couple of bands myself of more contemporary music too.

Since you started playing to large groups, has your sex/love-life improved?
Ha! I’ve more or less always been involved with a girl. But I broke up with my last girlfriend last year and based on this summerI think I’m probably going to hell. [why?] It’s certainly not an ego thing or thinking I’m big time but being the guy in the band is a great ice breaker. So it’s just a lot easier to meet people. You still have to say the right things though.

What’s the dream? Changes all the time. Just trying to keep it real.

Have you ever serenaded anyone? Yes. I take my trumpet everywhere. You never know when these opportunities are going to present themselves.

You’ve got some rather sultry looking pics on your website. What’s that about? Ha ok, credit goes to my good friend Mattias. He’s a fashion photographer. Occasionally when we’re hanging out having a little coffee somewhere, and the sunlight is perfect, and I’m wearing a nice jumper….

You obviously like the pics… Yeah I think they’re cool.

New Year’s Eve. Too much pressure or best night of the year? I’m quite often working NYE, so it’s pretty fun.
Actually this year my gig got cancelled so I guess I’ll be out somewhere partying. Unless you know anyone that wants some jazz? Get in touch!

Favourite dish? Impossible! I like everything: pickled herring, tiramisu, Heinz Tomato Soup, venison, weetabix, toad in the hole, oysters…..I’m going to try all of those on the same plate sometime! With some grated parmesan on the top


Will Rixon – Radio Day (recording Session) from Sam Pilling on Vimeo.

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