COOL: Le Labo

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Hello Mr Summer! Can we say that now? Well it looks like summer. The sky is blue, the jesus sandals are out and the tube does smells of death.

EIC is not joking when we say the Rose scent by Le Labo is helping us drown out the stench of summer on people. It’s also a head-turner so, if you’ve spent hard earned cash on a bottle, that gives you every right to feign complete ignorance when people ask you ‘what yar w’reng?!?!?’ and ‘waa you got it!’

It costs nearly a century of pounds. Can’t justify? Ask yourself some questions:

– Do you like the idea of a perfume that’s made fresh on the day you buy it?

– Would it make you tingly to see your name on the bottle’s sticker?

– Do you sleep naked?

If you answered no to any of the above, this perfume probably isn’t for you.

However, if you’d like to smell the equivalent of your best shag bottled – check out Le Labo online or at Liberty.

Remember: Don’t tell anyone what it is. Or where you got it. Or that we wear it.

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