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‘Coat chaaayks! Oopen your coaaats!’

‘Excuse me?’

It was difficult to decipher what was more retro; the fact I was seeing Soulwax (old skool) or that they’d chosen to host their Christmas shindig at the most revered rave venue in the book – Brixton Academy. With hardcore rave police.

Memories of my fresher year did indeed come a’flashing back; pubescent teens and Mercury-nominated bands in jeans skinnier than my wrists.

Still, it worked well for the most part.

Something worth mentioning is the sloping floor, which I enjoyed immensely, if not for the immature kick of dropping my drink and it disappearing from under me in seconds, then for the more logical reason of it – a slippy dance-floor – being just a bit more fun than your average.

It was good to actually see the Soulwax guys doing their thing on stage – a vision of glitter, strobes, lazers, LED lit curtains – and the band in suits, done up to the nines (weirdly).  What can I say, I felt Christmassy!

BUT … Brixton Academy is a horrible venue: queues for the bar were longer than baggage at Heathrow, and the staff got on everyone’s tits too. I’ve never met a bunch of grumpier 60-somethings obsessed with other people’s drug taking.  They stressed me out and, well, that’s just not why I go raving.

As for the music, yeah, Soulwax played good. They’re always fun. I guess I’m a bit begrudging of the neo-Soulwax movement of middle class hoodlum who’ve very recently discovered the Soulwax/2 many DJs hoo-ha.  Where we you in the early noughties hmmmm? Oh yeah, not born.

Boys Noize were especially fun but that’s no surprise. ‘Yeaaaaah’ the line-up was ‘safe man’.

I say this in the best possible taste: some of us painfully cool people have grown up with acts like Soulwax and Boyz Noise, and they ought to be grateful for us loyals that we can still enjoy them. The only thing that’s changed is the militance of the rave police … that is massively uncool. I’m serious! Really bloody uncool.

Words: Tomek Mossakowski

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