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My name is  Katie Burnetts. I’m a journalist from London. That’s me on the swing.

This is my special place (not in that way) to write about the usual sort of stuff you’d expect to find from someone who sits on a swing: Food, Travel, TV and maybe even the odd bit of swinging from time to time (wheyyy!).

I like to think of myself as a female Charlie Brooker but with daintier bosoms, and of course I’m not married to Connie Huq. I’m married to Ben. He’s great but bites his nails till there’s nothing left which makes me queasy but we’re working on it.

I write for a variety of women’s titles including Grazia, Cosmo, LOOK, Closer and Marie Claire, as well as Observer Magazine, The Guardian and The Sun. I’m always on the lookout for a good real life story, so if you think you have one, please get in touch.

To see samples of my published work, click here

Email me: ktburnetts@gmail.com

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